Finding A Designated Civil Surgeon in Your Area

All applicants for adjustment of status are required to have a medical examination. A civil surgeon who has been designated by the BCIS must conduct the medical examination. The designated civil surgeon is responsible for the entire medical examination, and will record the results on Form I-693. The required medical exam consists of a physical examination, a tuberculin (TB) skin test and serologic (blood) test. The Form I-693 will be given to you in a sealed envelope to present to INS. You should not open the sealed envelope.

For the most current list of civil surgeons in your area, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283. After you have selected English or Spanish as your language of choice for the message, choose #2 for medical examinations from the list of six automated options. You will be asked to key in your zip code to help determine the list of designated civil surgeons close to you. Have pencil and paper ready to record the names of the civil surgeons provided.